Will Smith Abuse & Slam Jada Pinkett For Ending His Career!

Jada Pinkett RAGES AT Will Smith For Ending His Career Will Smith’s punishment for slapping Chris Rock during the 94th Oscars ceremony has finally been decided by the Academy.

So what was Will’s response to Academy’s choice? Does he regret destroying Jada’s special night on the biggest night of his career? The Board of Governors for the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences convened an emergency meeting on Friday morning, April 8, to examine the Oscars jab.

Famous actors, directors, producers, and casting directors make up the Academy Board of Governors. Rita Wilson, Steven Spielberg, Ava DuVernay, and Whoopi Goldberg are a few of the members.

Will apologized once more for his conduct during a quick Zoom chat he had with Academy CEO Dawn Hudson and President David Rubin before to the Board meeting.

According to The Independent, Will reportedly tried to explain to the Academy executives why Chris’ remark about Jada’s shaved head offended him. He also reportedly assured them that he knew the repercussions of his conduct.




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