Sad Truth of Fast & Furious Saga Without Paul Walker!

The history of the franchise has already shown how challenging it is to get past Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto, despite the widespread belief that Fast and Furious will continue in some capacity after Fast & Furious 11. With Fast X and Fast & Furious 11, the story of Dom and his family will actually be resolved after numerous potential ideal Fast and Furious climaxes. Although it will be difficult to continue the Fast and Furious brand without Dom Toretto, it is still difficult to picture Universal Studios simply ending the Fast and Furious IP.

Vin Diesel’s Dom Toretto will be back in Fast X, the first of a two-part saga that will finish off the Fast and Furious franchise, after meeting with his long-lost brother Jakob Toretto in F9 and once more facing the cyber-terrorist Cipher. F9 was the most recent illustration of how Toretto-focused the Fast and Furious franchise has been in recent years, especially when The Rock left the series. It is safe to assume that Fast X will also Centre on Dom Toretto, especially given that John Cena’s Jakob Toretto will make a comeback after his redemption story in F9.

Fast & Furious transformed into an ensemble franchise with movies that always include a wide cast of characters starting with Fast Five, which saw characters from all of the franchise’s prior instalments teaming up to pull off an international crime. Nevertheless, Toretto took over as the only primary character in Fast and Furious after the sad death of Paul Walker. From Furious 7 on, Vin Diesel was expected to take on the role of the series’ leading man. Diesel and the other members of the Fast & Furious cast have now made it clear that Fast & Furious 11 will mark the conclusion of the series.

However, completely discontinuing a series like the Fast and Furious franchise does not seem like a wise idea at a time when studios are finding it difficult to introduce fresh IPs. After Dom Toretto’s story concludes, it’s probable that Fast and Furious will continue in some way given Hollywood’s track record of reboots and remakes. The only issue is that Fast and Furious already made two failed attempts to get past Vin Diesel’s Dom.


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